September 13, 2017

ELL’s White House Visit

By Stephen Shaw

Earlier this year, right before a certain transition, we had the incredible honor and privilege to visit the White House for an event where the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, would honor top school counselors from around the country. This would also, coincidentally, be her last speech as First Lady.

No big deal. </sarcasm>

We set up in the East Reception Room, bringing in a new group of celebrities committed to lending their voices to lift up and encourage kids pursuing higher education. We then trekked to the East Room where we got to see some of our film content presented prior to the introduction of the First Lady.

After the event, we mingled. We sat on the White House furniture. We pretended like we belonged for a few hours, and it was all kinds of awesome. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: it’s indescribable to be put in a position to leverage your gifts and talents for something with great significance. We love telling corporate brand stories, but there’s something pretty cool about telling stories of underprivileged kids that committed to doing something amazing and pulled it off.