October 1, 2016

What’s an ELL anyway?

By Stephen Shaw

We get asked this all the time, so we decided to put it in writing. In short, it’s an extension. And that’s what we are—a creative extension to our clients that gives life to their marketing strategy. In fact, to many of our clients, we are their creative team. We build or evolve their brand, formalize the standards and then execute on that brand. Whether it be national TV spots, tradeshow booth design, brochures, sales enablement, corporate video, safety video, website design and development, campaign development, 3D animation, video production, photography, digital strategy (thanks for reading our list that is only included for SEO purposes to show you how much we know about SEO).

The formula? It’s simple.

Build the brand • Formalize the brand • Execute on the brand

Archer has been a long-term client where we’ve filled this role. They’ll be the first to tell you that their brand was a bit of a mess and their collateral was inconsistent. It was our job to advance and clean up that brand and implement a consistent application of all marketing collateral.