Archer is a global organization that needed its web presence to not only reflect its positioning and brand, but it needed to generate leads. With a diverse portfolio and salespeople all over the world, Archer’s web presence serves as a comprehensive view of the organization and its various service lines.

Telling Archer’s story effectively while generating leads in the process led us to architect a dynamic, circular web presence. A back-end tagging system allows us to create an experience where the user can navigate via service lines, drilling/production challenges or regions. Once the user chooses a path, the ultimate destination is a service line page and a clear CTA (call to action) to connect with the local salesperson. Geotargeting allows us to detect locations of users and prioritize local salespeople automatically—while allowing the user to navigate through different regions themselves.



Oiltools Interactive

An interactive experience was also developed to be displayed on a vertical touchscreen monitor at presentations and tradeshows. Although the primary use was fullscreen and touchscreen enabled, responsive design and thoughtful user experience allows the tool to be leveraged across all platforms.

The site was designed for a very conservative organization in a very conservative industry. Modern web principles were applied in a clean, respectful and easy-to-navigate way that helped Archer develop an effective web presence.