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Better Make Room


The United States of America used to sit at number 1 in the world in higher education per capita—now, it sits at number 11. The objective of this campaign was simple:  encourage the pursuit of higher education in America. Targeting 16 to 20-year-olds with diverse backgrounds, we addressed the insecurities that have historically prevented them from pursuing higher education. By using celebrities and generational pop icons, we were able to not only shine a spotlight on those insecurities and dispel them, we were able to give a reassuring voice of empowerment and confidence that higher education is possible for everyone.

Ultimately, this campaign is designed to swell the chest and remind these kids that they already have the tools to do it. For our PSA content, highlighted here, we concepted an approach that leveraged the influence of celebrities to instill the faith that there is a nation that is rooting for these young people to take their education as far as they can—for them, for their families, for the betterment of our country.

Aesthetically, we wanted a style that spoke to “Gen Z.” Based on the concept vehicle and campaign brand standards of tone, message and palette, we gave a national PSA to 4 different artists within ELL to apply their own unique look and motion design approach.