City of Houston

Comicpalooza 2017


Comicpalooza is a massive conference that brings together a bunch of crazy people that become kids again for a weekend and dress up as their favorite comic character–and 90% of our team was there. 

It’s a huge privilege to work so closely with Houston First in promoting Houston’s amazing and diverse culture. Comicpalooza offers us an opportunity to break out of our usual corporate constraints and just go nuts. This is our second year to produce the promo spot for the event, and this year’s was a new style and a blast to produce. 

With a mixture of hand-drawn and 3D elements done in a cell-shaded style, this spot ran regionally leading up to the event. Heavy sound design brought this one to life and created another layer of energy. This spot needed to catch the eye, speak clearly and generate energy and excitement, leading to conversions. That’s so you know we stayed on strategy, but this is basically what happens when you turn freakishly talented animators loose.