Waste Management

Phoenix Open Zero Waste Story

Waste Management is the title sponsor of the Phoenix Open for which they created a “Zero Waste” initiative. This initiative brings in close to half a million people for a week and diverts nothing to landfills. This requires the commitment of its partners and vendors. The objective of the video was to tell the story of the Open and initiative, a massive undertaking, and then to communicate to customer prospects: “if we can pull this off, imagine the impact we could have with your organization.”

The concept leveraged a documentarian style, combining handheld, voyeuristic shots with pristine views of the golf course and tournament, talking head footage and footage captured in ELL’s studio. A post-edit motion graphics pass reinforced the precision and science involved in an initiative at this scale. We only featured WM partners on camera, highlighting their partnerships and how WM’s direction has changed the way they do business. Combining feeling and facts, this story communicates what WM can do and what it can do for its customers.