Weatherford has been either creating life size 3D models or bringing actual products to tradeshow floors for years—resulting in presentational products that are cumbersome and expensive to create. Our charge was to concept, create and deliver an intuitive touchscreen experience that was not only efficient for presenters to utilize at trade shows, but one that was succinct, impactful and memorable for audiences to interact with.

The concept leveraged fully-rendered 3D content within the browser to allow users to interact with an array of products. Additionally, taking into account the sensory-overloaded environment of trade shows, the tool needed to be visually engaging enough to draw audiences into the booth as well as deliver an intuitive and informative experience in a time-efficient way.

As with all of our web-based solutions, we designed the tool to be used on desktops, iPads or any device with an internet connection—giving it more value beyond the tradeshow floor.