Share it with the World


WordPress, depended upon by about 28% of the entire internet, has really never needed to focus on brand-building. They built an amazing product that naturally flourished. New players in the market began to make heavy investments in advertising, so WordPress decided to preemptively begin a season of brand-building before losing market share to these players.

The brand is essentially cause-based. It exists to allow people’s voices to be heard, opinions to be disseminated, passions to be expressed. These are fundamental to the human spirit and WordPress gives us a megaphone to share our voice with the world. ELL created a film series telling three unique stories.

These stories needed to (1) reinforce the brand, (2) be hopeful and inspirational in tone and (3) motivate others to speak up about what matters to them. These had to be relatable and make you feel something. Shot in different locations across Texas on Arri Alexa Mini, these short stories will be used to launch the campaign, “Share it with the World.”